If you are looking for some beautifully designed Havelis with amazing frescoes, then just include Shekhawati Region in your travel to Rajasthan. Here is our Shekhawati Travel Guide so you will not forget anything in this beautiful region of Rajasthan.

Referred as the world’s largest open air art gallery, Shekhawati Region has some breathtaking views to offer. If you are an art lover or a history lover then this place is meant for you. Shekhawati Region is in Northeast Rajasthan covering districts of Churu, Jhunjhunu and Sikar. This region is a cultural galore with colourful festivals, delicious cuisines and some soulful folk songs. Primarily known for its beautiful havelis, this place is most popular among the tourists. From being a trade route for traders to a place where they flaunted their wealth, Shekhawati Region is now the centre of attraction in Rajasthan. This place is in the triangle of Delhi-Jaipur-Bikaner.

Best in Shekhawati Region : Havelis

Designed by jaipuri artists and using some outstanding painting techniques, the Havelis of this region are just mesmerizing. Basically, Haveli is a Persian word which means mansion (private residence). There are some distinguishable features in the havelis of Shekhawati Region. First one is the inner courtyard called Chowk. There is also a huge gateway of each Haveli known as Pol. Basically there are two chowks, one for men and another interior one for women.

The Havelis have beautiful designs and paintings influenced by the Mughal art. You will find mostly double haveli architecture in this area. These are two symmetrically constructed havelis in a single compound. Chokhani Double Haveli of Mandawa is an example of this type of architecture. Havelis of Shekhawati Region have beautifully carved intricate doors and windows. There are also Fresco paintings influenced by Rajput and Mughal arts. These frescoes show some scenes from Lord Krishna's life. Mirrors are also used for decoration in some havelis. There are some large and marvellous havelis in Nawalgarh, Laxmangarh, Mandawa and Churu.

Some historical facts of Shekhawati Region

Earlier Shekhawati Region was considered an important trade route for caravans. It was on the ancient silk route. Shekhawati Region was built by the Marwari merchants. Due to its connection with some important trading towns such as Agra, Delhi, Surat, Jaisalmer, and Sind, the Shekhawati region emerged as a well-known region. There was a low tax rate on this route and hence its preference increased among the caravans. Some traders started building and decorating havelis in this area to flaunt their wealth. Since then,Shekhawati Region has been attracting visitors through its cultural heritage and outstanding architecture.

How to reach the Shekhawati Region ?

The Shekhawati Region is around 115 Kilometres from Jaipur. You can easily visit here from Jaipur or even Delhi.

Reach Shekhawati Region from Jaipur – Jaipur is the best place to visit the Shekhawati Region from. By road it is only about 115 Kilometres distant. It is best to hire a cab or taxi or you can also travel by your own car. Road trip to the Shekhawati Region will help you visit some connected towns. Bus services and taxi services are easily accessible here. There are both state and private buses which connect the nearby towns. You can take a flight from wherever you are to Jaipur and then travel by road to Shekhawati region.

Reach Shekhawati Region from Delhi – There are limited trains to the Shekhawati Region. You can easily hire a taxi from Delhi and cover the entire Shekhawati Region. As Delhi is well connected to other major cities& world capitals, one can easily visit Shekhawati Region via Delhi.

Places to visit in Shekhawati Region

Havelis, Havelis and more Havelis!
Shekhawati Region needs your minimum 3-4 days to show you the magnificent views of its multiple havelis. Among the numerous places, Nawalgarh and Mandawa are the notable ones with bigger Havelis. You can also stay at these places and cover the entire region.

Nawalgarh – Nawalgarh has hundreds of painted havelis and some brilliant frescoes to show. Some of these beautiful havelis are – Chokhani Haveli, Aath Haveli Complex and JodhrajPatodia Haveli.

Mandawa – You will feel the royal vibe of Rajasthan by visiting Mandawa. There are many beautiful havelis and forts in Mandawa. You will see the amazing double haveli architecture here.

Fatehpur – The land of Fatehpur has many painted havelis and frescoes. Famous ones are Nadine Le Prince Haveli, Devra and Singhania Haveli, etc.

Other Important Places to visit in Shekhawati–

  • Other Important Places to visit in Shekhawati–
  • Jhunjhunu
  • Laxmangarh
  • Churu
  • Ramgarh
  • Mukundgarh
  • Alsisar
  • Dundlod
  • Bissau
  • Mahansar

Things to do in Shekhawati Region

Shekhawati Region is a cultural galore and there are different things to do in here. From visiting multiple havelis to trying some delicious cuisines, you can add beautiful memories to your itinerary.

Enjoy some colourful festivals and fairs – There are many joyful festivals celebrated in the Shekhawati region. Some famous ones are –

  • Gangaur Festival
  • Camel Fair
  • Festival of colours, Holi
  • Teej
  • Shekhawati Festival
  • Kite Flying

Try some delicious cuisines – Food is undoubtedly best in Rajasthan. Shekhawati Region has primarily Rajasthani foods and some influence of Mughal & European cooking. Some famous dishes of this region are –

  • Pakodi
  • Ker-Sangri
  • Khata
  • Ghattaki Sabzi
  • Dal-BatiChurma
  • Chaavadi
  • Jhajariya
  • Sweet pedas of Chidawa

Enjoy the folk song and dance of Shekhawati Region – Shekhawati people are full of colours. Their folk songs such as Ballads are based on love stories and heroism of Rajasthan’s Rajput kings.

Shopping in Shekhawati Region

Shekhawati Region is a paradise for art lovers. It is popularly known as an open art gallery and is largely known for the frescoes and ancient havelis. There are different things you can buy at the markets of Shekhawati Region. You will find beautiful artworks designed by local artisans. Buy some amazing decorative murals pieces and decorate your house with Rajasthani essence.

  • Beautiful painting depicting the epics, rural lifestyle,etc.
  • Handicrafts
  • Decorative artworks
  • Beautifully designed chair, table and stools.
  • Dyed fabrics and sarees.
  • Jewelleries with precious stones.

Best time to visit Shekhawati region

Shekhawati Region offers you a pleasant climate during October to March. Hence it is best to visit Shekhawati in October to March. You can explore each tourist attraction of this place without being affected by the climate. In summers, the climate of Shekhawati is extremely hot and hence it is almost impossible to move around joyfully. Between July and September, Shekhawati Region welcomes rain. You can also visit here and enjoy its beauty during this time.

Shekhawati Region welcomes you to look at its architectural beauty. So, don’t delay and pack your bags to witness some magnificent ancient havelis and mansions.