Tiger jeep safari Ranthambore National Park
Tiger in Ranthambore National Park

Ranthambore National Park – Home of Royal Bengal Tigers in Rajasthan

Do you want to see the royal Bengal tiger?


Then add Ranthambore National Park to your tour package to Rajasthan.

Ranthambore National Park is one of the most famous national parks in India. This beautiful tiger reserve is located in Sawai Madhopur, Rajasthan. Ranthambore National Park offers you amazing picturesque views. Bounded by the Chambal river to the south and Banas river to the north, Ranthambore National Park has a vast panorama of wildlife. The beautiful flora of this park consists of around 539 species of flowering plants. Visiting Ranthambore National Park offers you to see the Royal Bengal Tiger in its natural abode. The beauty of this place has attracted several photographers and wildlife lovers.

Ranthambore National Park is around 130 Kilometres away from Jaipur. So, if you're in Jaipur then don't forget to visit this beautiful wildlife hub. It was built in the tenth century and is now one of the biggest national parks. Ranthambore National Park houses majestic Ranthambore Fort and is named after this fort. Different species of mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians, and plants are present here.

History of Ranthambore National Park

 Earlier Ranthambore Forests were famous as a hunting ground of Maharajas of Jaipur. Hunting in Ranthambore Forests was banned in 1970. In 1955, Ranthambore Forests were declared as Sawai Madhopur Wildlife Sanctuary. In order to protect the tigers, Project Tiger was launched in 1973 and Ranthambore was one of the nine chosen tiger reserves. It was in 1981 when Ranthambore was given National Park Status. Gradually the tiger sightings increased in Ranthambore National Park and is now the best place to spot wild tigers.

How to reach Ranthambore National Park?

Ranthambore National Park is famous among tourists and hence is provided with finely developed transport services. The region of Ranthambore is well-connected to the major cities of Rajasthan. The complete information about reaching this beautiful place is given here.

  • Reach Ranthambore by Air – The nearest airport to Ranthambore is in Jaipur and is around 140 Kilometres away. You can take a flight to Jaipur and then reach Ranthambore via train/taxi/cab. Jaipur International Airport is provided with several domestic and international flights. You will also find multiple direct modes of transport to the Ranthambore.
  • Reach Ranthambore by Train – Sawai Madhopur Railway Station is the closest station to Ranthambore. The station is located around 14 Kilometres from the national park. If you want to reach Ranthambore then traveling by train is the easiest way. You will find multiple direct trains to Sawai Madhopur Station from other major cities of India.
  • Reach Ranthambore by Road – Road journey to Ranthambore is a thrilling experience. Ranthambore National Park has finely developed roadways which connect it to other major cities. One can easily find public or private transports to reach Ranthambore. Ranthambore is connected to Delhi, Udaipur, and Ahmedabad by National Highways. One can easily add Ranthambore to his Rajasthan Tour package as it is centrally located on the Golden Triangle tour of Delhi, Jaipur & Agra.

Popular Tourist Attractions near Ranthambore National Park

Ranthambore National Park is the home for tigers and several other wildlife species. The beautiful flora and royal ruins around this place make it more attractive. Ranthambore is not only known for the tiger safari but also for the rich history of the land. There are multiple tourist attractions near Ranthambore National Park. You can visit all these sites during your trip to Ranthambore.

Ranthambore Fort

Ranthambore is also known for the majestic Ranthambore Fort. This beautiful fort is just 5 Kilometres inside the Ranthambore National Park. Ranthambore Fort is placed under ‘Hill Forts of Rajasthan’ by UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Trinetra Ganesh Temple

Trinetra Ganesh Temple is located inside the majestic Ranthambore Fort. This temple was constructed by Lord Hammer and here you will find the deities of the entire family of Ganesha. Many Ganesha devotees visit this beautiful temple and pray here.

Padam Lake

Padam Lake is the largest lake in the Ranthambore National Park region. This lake provides water to the wildlife animals. Padam Lake is also famous for the waterlilies.

Wild Dragon

Ranthambore National Park is an adventurous place. Wild Dragon is an adventure park where you will get the opportunity to experience horror houses, All-terrain vehicles, and zorbing.

Surwal Lake

Surwal Lake is a beautiful lake in Ranthambore National Park which is famous for sightseeing. Here you will find several birds enjoying the stillness of this lake.

Other Popular Places

  • Jogi Mahal
  • Raj Bagh Ruins
  • Mailk Talao
  • Akaula Region
  • Village Women Crafts
  • Kachida Valley
  • Ranthambore School of Art
  • Anantpura and Lakarda

Things to do in Ranthambore National Park

Sightseeing of tigers is the most popular activity in Ranthambore National Park. Apart from this, Ranthambore National Park and its surroundings have different activities for you. Experience the wildlife flora and fauna on a jeep or canter safari. From birdwatching to visiting the magnificent Ranthambore Fort, this place has a list of fun activities such as:-

  • Hike up to the majestic Ranthambore Fort and experience the richness of Ranthambore history.
  • Enjoy a jeep safari in Ranthambore National Park to spot the royal Bengal tigers.
  • Visit the beautiful Padam Lake.
  • Enjoy a canter safari in National Park and spot the wildlife animals.
  • Try Hot air ballooning and see the beautiful landscape of Ranthambore from the sky.
  • Visit Ranthambore School of Arts.
  • Enjoy Birdwatching in Ranthambore National Park.
  • Buy handmade crafts at Village Women Craft.

Shopping near the Ranthambore National Park

Ranthambore National Park is famous for its wildlife. If you want to experience the shopping near Ranthambore National Park then there are a few nearby markets that you can visit. Experience the richness of wildlife and then jump into the colorful bazaars, it will be worth your time. Here are the few markets that you must visit to witness the heritage of the Ranthambore region.

Popular Place for shopping in Ranthambore

  • Village Women Craft – Buy local art and craft, fine quality silk, paintings, woolen carpets, and many handmade items.
  • Dastkar Craft – Buy beautiful handmade crafts, saris, scarves, bags, and jewelry.
  • Sawai Madhopur Markets – Buy the traditional and cultural artworks, paintings, textiles from Sawai Madhopur bazaars.

Best time to visit Ranthambore National Park

The best time to visit Ranthambore National Park is between November to April. During this time the weather is pleasant and calm. Ranthambore National Park is famous for its natural flora and fauna. It remains open from 1st October to the 30th June of every year. Ranthambore National Park remains closed during the rainy season (1st July to 30th of September).

Generally, two safaris are available in a day – one in the morning starting at 6 am and the other in the afternoon starting at 2 pm. The timing of safaris changes according to the weather. During summer, the temperature may cross above 45°C. One can easily spot the animals during summer as a number of animals visit water sources to quench their thirst.

So, the perfect time to visit Ranthambore National Park is during winter. You will be able to spot the wildlife animals by experiencing the natural calmness of the forest.