Are you tired of scorching heat in Rajasthan? Then pack your bags and travel to Mount Abu, the coolest city in the Sirohi district of Rajasthan

Mount Abu – the only hill station in Rajasthan is a land with lush green forests, beautiful temples and serene lakes amidst the golden deserts of the state. Mount Abu is popularly known as the summer capital of Rajasthan due to its pleasant climate. This beautiful place is situated at around 1700 metres above the sea level and houses many tourist places. Mount Abu also hosts a beautiful sanctuary where one can easily spot wildlife animals. From offering serene beauty of lakes to multiple sceneries, Mount Abu is a complete relaxation to the eyes. To make sure you include this beautiful tourist spot in your Rajasthan tour package, we are providing you a complete guide to the city of Mount Abu.

Some History of Mount Abu

The tales of the origin of Mount Abu have a mythical and historically rich background. It is believed that all the 330 million Hindu gods and goddesses have visited this place. There is a legend that sage Vashishtha who used to live in Mount Abu, lost his cow Nandini. Nandini was trapped inside a deep gorge and later Lord Shiva appeared and sent Saraswati to flow through the gorge. Now the flowing Saraswati helped Nandini to reach safety. The name Mount Abu is also mentioned in the Puranas.

Earlier Mount Abu was ruled by Parmar caste. Rao Lumba, a ruler of Deora Chauhan Clan, conquered Mount Abu and established his kingdom. Later on shifting from British reign to independent India, Mount Abu became one of the most famous tourist spots across India.

How to reach Mount Abu?

Since the place is most popular among tourists, one can easily find multiple transport services to reach Mount Abu. Mount Abu has well-developed transportation facilities. Roadways to Mount Abu are all weather roads and easily navigable. Here are the ways by which you can easily visit this enchanting land of Mount Abu.

    • Reach Mount Abu by Air –The nearest airport to Mount Abu is in Udaipur. Udaipur Airport is a domestic airport. So, if you are planning to reach Mount Abu from any Indian city then Udaipur Airport is best for you. If you are visiting from foreign location then Ahmedabad Airport (Gujarat) and Jaipur International Airport are the nearest ones.
    • Reach Mount Abu by Train – Mount Abu has a little railway station which is a part of the Delhi-Mumbai railway line. You will find multiple trains from many major cities of India. All important trains of this line make a stop at Mount Abu Railway Station. This railway station is just 28 Kilometres from the hill station.
    • Reach Mount Abu by Road – The national highway 14 connects Mount Abu to all other cities. Also, RSRTC has provided several bus services across the city. You will easily find buses from Jaipur/Jaisalmer/Udaipur to Mount Abu or vice versa. The bus services in Mount Abu are finely functional.

    Popular tourist attractions in Mount Abu

    If you want a break from the excess heat in Rajasthan then Mount Abu offers you several cooler places to visit. Here is the list of some famous tourist destinations in Mount Abu.

    Nakki Lake

    This lake has a really amazing legend behind its origin. It is believed that Nakki Lake was dug out by a god using his fingernails. Here you can enjoy the beautiful boat ride and observe the tranquility of the lake. There is also a beautiful temple near Nakki Lake.

    Mount Abu Wildlife Sanctuary

    This place is a must visit for nature and wildlife lovers. Mount Abu Wildlife Sanctuary is home to several animals such as leopards, bears, crocodiles,etc. You will find different species of flowers in this sanctuary.

    Sunset Point

    Mount Abu is also popular among honeymooners. The Sunset Point in Mount Abu is the place where couples find peace and tranquility. You will get an opportunity to witness the rare beauty of sunset amidst the lush green forests.

    Dilwara Jain Temples

    Dilwara Jain Temples are famous for their amazing marble works and carvings. This temple is a complex of five Jain temples – Luna Vasahi, Vimal Vasahi, Mahavir Swami, Pithalkar and Khartar Vasahi. Tourists visit this place for its unique architecture and beautiful structure.

    Adhar Devi Temple

    This temple is famous among tourists and pilgrimages. Special thing about Adhar Devi Temple is that it is located inside the cave and one has to climb 365 steps to reach the entrance.

    Peace Park

    Peace Park is a popular place away from the chaos of urban life. People visit this park and practice meditation and enjoy the calmness of surroundings.

    Other Popular Places –

    • Abu Road
    • Achalgarh Fort
    • Honeymoon Point
    • Guru Shikhar Park
    • Tibetan Market
    • Trevor’s Tank
    • Mt. Abu Bazaar
    • Universal Peace Hall
    • Toad Rock
    • Gaumukh Temple
    • Sri Raghunath Temple
    • Arbuda Devi Temple

    Fun and Interesting things to do in Bundi

    There are several interesting things to keep you engage in the awesomeness of Bundi. Here is the list of things which you must try after visiting Bundi.

    • Attend the beautiful Bundi Utsav
    • Explore ancient stepwells
    • Experience the serenity of lakes
    • Enjoy safari on Chambal river
    • Walk across the streets of Bundi
    • Visit majestic forts and monuments
    • Don’t forget to try the special masala chai in Bundi bazaars
    • Visit local pottery spots in Bundi

    Things to do in Mount Abu

    Mount Abu is famous for offering a plethora of adventurous activities to its visitors. Visiting Mount Abu will give you some beautiful experiences that you would never forget. Here is the list of some popular activities that one must try while in Mount Abu.

    • Enjoy boating in Nakki Lake
    • Witness wildlife at Mt. Abu Sanctuary
    • Explore the gorgeous hill station
    • Enjoy trekking and camping at Aravallis
    • Crocodile and Bird watching at Trevor’s Tank
    • Trekking to Guru Shikhar- the highest peak of Aravalli
    • Soak in spirituality at different Temples
    • Adventure caving in mountain caves
    • Shopping in the colourful markets
    • Enjoy hiking in Mount Abu

    Guide to shopping in Mount Abu

    Your itinerary to any city of Rajasthan will be incomplete without visiting the colourful bazaars. At Mount Abu markets, you can buy beautiful Rajasthani and Gujarati style products. There are local markets and shopping malls in Mount Abu. You can buy handicraft items, printed saris or the kota drapes from the market. Here is the list of popular marketplaces of Mount Abu.

    Popular Marketplaces of Mount Abu

    • Nakki Lake Market
    • Fair Price Rajasthan Emporium
    • Chacha Museum
    • Rajasthan Handloom House
    • Sajawat Hookah store
    • Piccadilly Plaza
    • Kabras Guest Emporium
    • S Cube

    Best time to visit Mount Abu

    Mount Abu is mostly visited during the winter season and the best time to visit is from November to June. This wonderful place has a pleasant climate throughout the year. The temperature of Mount Abu in summer is around 34°C. You can also visit this beautiful place during summer as it is the best time for outdoor activities such as boating.

    In winter, the environment of Mount Abu is very refreshing and cool. You will easily spot the wildlife animals during winter. If you are planning your honeymoon to Mont abu, then winters are the best. However visiting Mount Abu anytime in the year will be worth your time.