Udaivilas Palace Dungarpur

Experience the tribal lifestyle of Rajasthan at Dungarpur.

Dungarpur is a small but beautiful city in the southern part of Rajasthan. This city is mostly inhabited by the Bhil and Dungaria tribes. Dungarpur is located near the Aravallis and is one of the most charming places of Rajasthan. Visiting Dungarpur will give you a chance to witness the beautiful wildlife and fertile land of Rajasthan. If you are a history lover and looking for a colourful past to glorify then Dungarpur is the place you must visit.

The city of Dungarpur is also popular for the skills of its locals. The locals of Dungarpur have versatile artistic skills and provide us with beautiful toys, photo frames and rock paintings. Dungarpur hosts some delightful fairs and festivals of tribes. Although it's the third smallest district of Rajasthan, Dungarpur has multiple architectural and cultural heritages. Let's look at the complete guide to Dungarpur.

History of Dungarpur

The city of Dungarpur was established by Rawal Veer Singh in 1358 A.D. Rawal Veer Singh was the eldest son of Karan Singh, the ruler of Mewar. This city was named after Dungaria who a Bhil chieftain was and was assassinated. Later Dungarpur came under the reign of Mughal, Maratha and then British. The monuments and forts present at the Dungarpur show the architectural styles of all these dynasties.

How to reach Dungarpur?

Reaching Dungarpur is not a big deal. You can easily visit Dungarpur via air, rail or roadways. The city of Dungarpur is around 502 Kilometres from Jaipur and approx. 110 Kilometres from Udaipur. Let’s look at the various transport facilities that can help you reach Dungarpur.

  • Reach Dungarpur by Air – Travelling to Dungarpur via air is not a good option as the airports are not closer. Udaipur Airport is the nearest airport to Dungarpur and is around 124 Kilometres away. Also, you must be very particular about dates due to absence of regular flights. If you are travelling from a foreign country, then you should reach Dungarpur via Ahmedabad Airport.
  • Reach Dungarpur by Train – Dungarpur houses a railway station which is just 3 Kilometres away from the city. This railway station connects Dungarpur to all other major cities of India. Reaching Dungarpur via train is a better option.
  • Reach Dungarpur by Road – Dungarpur is provided with the finely developed roadways. Several private and public buses connect Dungarpur to other cities of Rajasthan. You can travel to Dungarpur by road. Road trip to Dungarpur is the wonderful experience.

Popular Tourist Attractions in Dungarpur

The city of Dungarpur has a rich history and hosts many historical monuments. The palaces and royal monuments of Dungarpur are known for their amazing architecture. Artists of Dungarpur have made this city more popular by their wonderful artistic skills. If you are planning to visit Dungarpur then here is the list of places you must add to your Rajasthan Travel itinerary.

Udai Bilas Palace

Udai Bilas Palace is an amazing architectural wonder in Dungarpur. This palace was named after Maharwal Udai Singh. Udai Bilas Palace is divided into sections where each one is a delight to watch. This palace is now a heritage hotel.

Badal Mahal

Badal Mahal was built using Pareva stone and is located on the banks of Gaib Sagar Lake. The intricate designs and techniques used in the construction of this monument makes it more attractive and beautiful. Badal Mahal is a blend of both Mughal and Rajputana architecture.

Juna Mahal

Juna Mahal is also a popular tourist attraction in Dungarpur. This palace contains several fortified walls, corridors, towers and doorways. Juna Mahal houses beautiful paintings, artworks and mirror works.

Government Archaeological Museum

Government Archaeological Museum is the place where you must visit to witness the rich history of Rajasthan. Here you will find the collection of stone inscriptions, coins, statues and paintings from the sixth century.

Gaib Sagar Lake

This beautiful lake is famous for the shrine of Shrinath ji. There is a Shrinath ji Temple on the bank of Gaib Sagar Lake.

Other Popular Places

  • Bhuvaneshwar
  • Nagfanji
  • Deo Somnath
  • Surpur Temple
  • Goodh Mandap
  • Galiakot
  • Baneshwar Temple
  • Vijay Raj Rajeshwar Temple
  • Kshetrapal Temple
  • Boreshwar

Things to do in Dungarpur

Dungarpur is a beautiful city in the state of Rajasthan, and it offers multiple destinations to explore. The Som and Mahi rivers flow by this city of hills making it more beautiful for sightseeing. During your visit to Dungarpur you can explore many temples, palaces, and monuments. Wherever you go in Rajasthan, the rich hospitality of locals will win your heart. Let’s look at the most interesting activities that you can indulge yourself to while visiting Dungarpur.

  • Explore the beautiful temples at Dungarpur and feel the essence of spiritualism.
  • Don’t forget to attend the colourful Baneshwar Fair at Dungarpur.
  • Jump into the vibrant bazaars of Dungarpur.
  • Spend some time nearby the serene Gaib Sagar Lake.
  • Admire the most popular skill of toy making of Dungarpur locals.
  • Visit the beautiful Juna Mahal and Badal Mahal at Dungarpur.

Guide to Shopping at Dungarpur

Dungarpur is the hub of artisans and is popularly known for toy making and picture framing. If you are planning to visit Dungarpur then don’t forget to buy some amazing toys and picture frames. The local artists of Dungarpur make toys from wood then give a shiny appearance with the help of lacquer. One can easily spot these colourful toys at the Dungarpur market. Shopping at Dungarpur local markets is a beautiful experience. This place is also popular for picture framing and beautiful paintings. Despite being a little area, Dungarpur markets are full of beautiful articles. You will also find the common products of Rajasthan such as marble works, bangles and miniature paintings.

Best time to visit Dungarpur

The best time to visit Dungarpur is during winters, between October to March. The weather is pleasant and comfortable during this time. Hence, most of the tourists prefer to visit Dungarpur during winter. Winter is ideal for sightseeing and exploring the heritages of this place. The temperature during summer may rise upto 40°C which results in the hot and humid weather. It will be difficult for you to be a part of outdoor activities in Dungarpur. Monsoons are also preferred by some tourists but if you’re visiting Dungarpur in monsoon then don’t forget to carry an umbrella with you.