Barmer Sand Dunes Sunset
Temple sculpture Barmer

Barmer – City of Temples and Monuments

The place where every inch has stories to tell, only if you are willing to listen.

Barmer is the third largest district of Rajasthan and is very popular among tourists. The beautiful landscape of Barmer is located in the western part of Rajasthan. Barmer is surrounded by Jaisalmer in North, Jalore in South, Jodhpur in East, and Pakistan in West. Barmer is known for its beautiful temples and historical monuments. The famous Thar Festival is organized by the government every year at Barmer. Small villages of Barmer are filled with decorated mud-houses. The rich culture of this place is the reason people love to visit Barmer.


Barmer got its name from its founder Bahad Rao Parmar. River Luni is the main river of this city. Barmer is well-known for its vibrant cattle fair, hand block paintings, carved wooden furniture, and camel milk. You cannot resist yourself to visit this lovely place while in Rajasthan. The colorfully attired locals and their sweet welcomes are the reason people love Barmer. Let’s take a look at the complete guide of the Barmer which was once a renowned camel route.

History of Barmer

Barmer has a very rich history. The temples and monuments around here are live evidence of its richness. Earlier this place was named Mallinath after Rao Salkha’s son. Later it got the second name Malani derived from Mallinath. During the eighteenth century, the British gave the name Barmer to this place. For a while, Barmer became a part of the Jodhpur state. After Indian independence, Barmer got separated from Jodhpur and became a famous city of Rajasthan.

How to reach Barmer?

Being the third-largest district in Rajasthan, Barmer has well-developed transport services. If you are on your itinerary to Rajasthan then don’t forget to visit this beautiful place. Reaching Barmer is not a difficult task. You can travel to Barmer via air, rail, or roadways. Let’s take a look at the different ways by which you can reach this majestic land.

  • Reach Barmer by Air – Barmer doesn’t have its own Airport but you can find multiple airports within the state of Rajasthan. Jodhpur Airport is the nearest airport which is located at 220 Kilometres from Barmer. If you are travelling from a foreign location then Jaipur International Airport is the nearest international airport to Barmer. Jaipur Airport is around 320 Kilometres from Barmer.
  • Reach Barmer by Train – Barmer Railway Station is the best option if you are planning to visit by rail. This railway station connects Barmer to several other major cities of India. Traveling to Barmer via train will give you some amazing experiences.
  • Reach Barmer by Road – Barmer has finely developed roadways which connect with other major cities of Rajasthan. The bus terminal is located near the Barmer Railway Station. Several private and public buses run on a daily basis. Inter and Intrastate transport facilities are also available.

Popular Tourist Attractions in Barmer

Barmer is located near Thar Desert and houses many temples, forts, monuments, sand dunes and vibrant markets. All these places have a rich historic background, and one must experience this richness. Barmer has some cool architecture which showcases the beauty of this place. If you are planning a trip to Barmer then here is the complete list of some popular places, you must visit.

Kiradu Temples

The place where visiting after sunset would turn you into a stone. This mysterious temple is located around 35 Kilometres from Barmer city. These temples are from the eleventh century. Kiradu Temples are known for their beautiful architecture and intricate designs. Visit this beautiful place and know the mystery behind those walls.

Nakoda Jain Temple

Nakoda Jain Temple is an important pilgrimage destination for Jains. You can delight your eyes by visiting this marvelous temple. There are multiple temples in the Nakoda Jain Temple complex and attract thousands of visitors.

Jagdambe Temple

Jagdambe Temple is about 500 years old and is visited by tourists throughout the year. This ancient temple is dedicated to the Goddess Jagdambe and is beautifully constructed. Carving of the temple from the stones makes it more attractive.

Mahabar Sand Dunes

Mahabar Sand dunes are the place where you can see the beauty of the desert and is just 5 Kilometres from Barmer city. Admire the gorgeous sunset at Mahabar Sand dunes. Spending some time at this peaceful place will give you an amazing experience.

Devka Sun Temple

This temple is dedicated to the Sun God. Devka Sun Temple is beautifully constructed and has wonderful architecture. You must visit this place to experience art, culture, spirituality altogether.

Other Popular Places to visit in Barmer

  • Rani Bhatiyani Temple
  • Juna Fort and Temple
  • Safed Akhara
  • Chintamani Parshwanath Jain Temple
  • Barmer Market
  • Vishnu Temple
  • Camel Safaris in Sam and Khuri village Sand Dunes.
  • Jeep Safaris in Desert National Park.

Amazing things to do in Barmer

The charming city of Barmer is a gem amidst the deserts of Rajasthan. This beautiful city offers you several tourist attractions to explore and some interesting activities to do. Barmer is known for the artistic skills of its locals. If you are tired of just visiting places and sightseeing then here are some activities that you must try out in Barmer.

  • Attend the famous Nagaur Cattle Fair and be a part of the rich Rajasthani culture.
  • Spend a night in the golden Thar Desert.
  • Try shopping in Barmer markets.
  • Enjoy camel safari in the desert.
  • Explore the famous village of Kiradu and know some mysterious stories.
  • Visit Jain pilgrimage sites.

Shopping in Barmer

Markets at Barmer are filled with colorful handmade articles made by locals. From pottery to hand block paintings, Barmer has some eye-catching products to offer. Here is the list of things you can buy from Barmer and the popular marketplaces.

Things to buy at Barmer Markets 

  • Intricate embroidery works
  • Traditional costumes and ethnic wear
  • Wooden and leather handicrafts
  • Wooden carvings and pottery
  • Block printed fabrics and mirror works
  • Beautiful shawls and carpets

Popular Marketplaces at Barmer 

  • Barmer Print Industries
  • Jooti Corner
  • Kamdar Company
  • Dada Handicraft
  • Geeta Enterprises

Best time to visit Barmer

The feature for which Barmer is most popular is the wooden carvings. You will find these in the shops throughout the year. So, if you want to visit Barmer then the best time is during winters as the weather will be pleasant. But the famous Thar Festival and Cattle fair are celebrated during the month of March/April. To experience these colorful festivals you have to visit in summer. Being a part of the festivals and fairs in Rajasthan is always worth your time.